Looking to hire a beautiful bike in Málaga?

Urban Bicycles offers authentic bikes in excellent condition. Furthermore, our bikes are hand-built and especially designed for comfortably cruising around the city. No-nonsense bikes which allow you to safely enjoy your day out cycling with total peace of mind.

Malaga bike rental

“We believe in the art of simplicity, in moving at your own pace, relaxed, without a care in the world. We believe in cleaner cities, where people use bikes instead of cars to make this world a better place”


malaga bicycle rent
Malaga bike hire

<Puncture-proof tires

>lock included

<lights and bell

>Rear rack

Malaga green city bike hire
URBI Rent a bike in Malaga

A committed bike rental service

Our mission is to get more bicycles on the streets, as we think they are the perfect alternative means of transport to cars. We are committed to keeping our bikes in perfect condition and want to give our customers a positive experience with each and every visit. When you hire a bike at Urban Bicycles you will be a source of inspiration for others, as you will be showing them it is perfectly possible to move around the city by bike.

+ How does it work?

What should I bring to rent a bike?

  • You must be of legal age and bring a valid ID card or credit card so you can leave a deposit.

Do the bikes come with a lock?

  • Yes, the bike rental includes a high-security lock.

Are the bikes insured?

  • We offer an optional insurance for €2 per bike per day covering minor damage for a value of €50 and theft between 7 am and 9 pm. You should be able to demonstrate you locked the bike by showing us the keys and also bring a police report.

Can I rent a children’s bike?

  • We have 16 and 20-inch children’s bikes available for rent.

When are you open?

  • We are open from 10 am to 7 pm, seven days a week

+ Riding your bike in Málaga

Am I allowed to cycle on the pavement in Málaga?

  • Yes, whenever you use your common sense and adjust your speed, avoiding crowded spaces.

Am I allowed to cycle on the road?

  • Yes, whenever you stay on the right and respect the traffic regulations.

Does Málaga feature cycle lanes?

  • There are certain bike lanes in Málaga but not enough to allow you to efficiently move through the city on your bike. That is why you are allowed to cycle on the pavement and on the road.

Is it safe to leave the bike outside when it is locked?

  • It is safe to leave the bike outside during the day, as long as you attach it with the provided lock to a fixed element, such as a bike rack.

Do I need to wear a helmet when I ride my bike in Málaga?

  • Adults riding around in the city do not have to wear a helmet. It is however compulsory for minors under the age of 16 to wear a helmet.

Can I go to Torremolinos by bike?

  • It is possible to cycle to Torremolinos with our bikes. Ask for a map at the shop and we will happily explain you how to get there.

+ Online reservations and discounts

Can I book a bike in advance?

  • To be sure we have bikes available, we recommend you make a reservation. This is a free service which enables us to organise our bike hires even better.

Do you offer group discounts?

  • Yes, we have discounts for groups. If you are more than four people, we recommend you contact us directly.

Do you offer a discount for multiple-day hires?

  • We offer a reduced rate starting from the third day. You will immediately receive this discount if you book your bike online.
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