Which bike routes does Malaga have to offer?

You might feel lost when you first arrive in Malaga, not knowing where to start discovering the city. No worries! We know Malaga inside out and will happily recommend you some routes.

malaga bike routes

Despite of being surrounded by mountains, Málaga is rather flat. If we did consider pedalling an effort, cycling through Málaga certainly isn’t one! The city can easily be accessed by bike, so just set out and enjoy Málaga at your own pace on two wheels.

Even though we’ve now reached the age of the cycle superhighway, the bike lanes in Málaga leave much to be desired. However, cycling around the city is not about moving as quickly and efficiently as possible from point A to point B. It’s all about enjoying the ride. Málaga boasts lovely wide seafront boulevards where you can safely ride your bike. There are a couple of efficient bike lanes and a great deal of pedestrian walkways where you can easily enjoy your ride.

There are no mobility restrictions in Málaga, so feel free to ride wherever you want, always using your common sense. You are allowed to use the pavement whenever you adjust your speed to pedestrians and avoid crowded spaces. Likewise, you can cycle on the road whenever you respect the traffic rules.

We can recommend the following routes. Don’t forget to show everyone how much you like riding your bike! You can inspire them to do the same, instead of using their car.


linea larga 2.png


Distance: 5.8Km

Uphill:          20m

Downhill:       20m

Gibralfaro by bike


  • Playa la Malagueta

  • “Museo Picasso” de Málaga

  • Alcazaba de Málaga

  • “Catedral de Málaga”

  • “Museo Picasso” de Málaga

  • Paseo del Parque de Málaga

  • La Farola de Málaga

  • Museo de Málaga “La Aduana”

  • Plaza de toros “La Malagueta”

  • “Gibralfaro”


“The best of Málaga” cycle route offers you the chance to enjoy the city’s main landmarks within a very reasonable time frame. Set out in the direction of the historical city centre, where you’ll pass by the Alcazaba and the ancient Roman Theatre. You can have a drink at “El Pimpi”, the city’s most established bodega bar. From its terrace, you can see the Gibralfaro castle on top of the hill with the same name. It is highly recommended to climb the hill up to the castle, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. I suggest you leave your bikes at Plaza de la Merced and walk up the hill from there. It is quite a steep climb and can be best enjoyed on foot, taking a break now and then to soak up the amazing views.

From Plaza de la Merced, you can head down Calle Granada and continue along Calle San Agustín, home to the Picasso museum, until you reach Málaga’s stately cathedral, “La Manquita”. You can finish your tour chilling on the popular “Malagueta” beach before returning to our shop. To get back to our shop, you can cycle through the modern “Muelle Uno” port.


linea larga 1.png

Ride your bike along the East coast of Málaga, Pedregalejo, El Palo and Rincón de la Victoria.

Distance: 14.6km

Uphill:          70m

Downhill:        70m

Baños del Carmen by bike

Once you’ve left our shop, set out for Muelle Uno. Next you’ll ride past the picture-perfect lighthouse and the popular Malagueta beach. You can make a small detour to see the Málaga bullring if you like. The second part of the tour continues along the coast, following the “P.R. Picasso” seaside boulevard. Here you will cross paths with a lot of families living in or visiting Málaga, strolling along the palm tree-lined promenade. You will also come upon numerous “chiringuitos”, the typical Spanish beach restaurants where you can enjoy delicious fried fish.



  • Rincón de la Victoria

  • Paseo del parque Málaga

  • Museo de Málaga

  • Peñón del Cuervo Málaga

  • Baños del Carmen Málaga

  • Muelle uno Málaga

  • La Malagueta

  • Pedregalejo

  • El palo

  • El Candado Málaga

Malaga east bike route

One tourist attraction that will definitely catch your eye on this tour is “el Balneario”, which you will see just before you arrive in Pedregalejo. Once a spa, it is now run as a restaurant and bar. Its lovely seafront terrace turns it into a perfect place for a stop. Have a drink and relax, whether you’ve just started your trip or are on your way back to our shop ;)

Pompidou Malaga

If you continue in the same direction, you will reach Pedregalejo, a small picturesque fisherman’s neighbourhood which has preserved its ancient traditions, while featuring some of the city’s most trendy restaurants at the same time. When the weather is good (some 300 days a year), people from Málaga come here to spend a day at the beach with their friends or families and drink a refreshing beer in one of the numerous bars.

El Palo is a more traditional and authentic neighbourhood and the best spot to eat fresh fish on the beach. And of course they also serve cold beer ;) Next on our list is El Candado, known for its sailing club and marina. Having passed El Candado, ride along the side of the road until you get to a dirt track which runs along a cliff overlooking the sea. This trail will take you to Peñón del Cuervo, a spectacular cove with a rock formation in the middle. Once you have reached this point you can go back, or continue to Rincón de la Victoria, the next town closest to Málaga.

If you have the time, you should definitely do the latter. It’s just a few kilometres further and this trail has the advantage of crossing one of the most unusual points on the coastline. To get to Rincón, just follow the coast. You will cross a small road next to the sea along the motorway.  Once you have passed the parking lot for trailers you will reach Cala del Moral. If you follow the seafront boulevard, you will come across some ancient railway tunnels – you’ll love riding through them! Just a couple of minutes later you will arrive in Rincón de la Victoria and reach the end of the coastal boulevard.


linea larga 2.png

Cycle tour to the “La Concepción” Malaga botanical gardens

Distance: 7.5km

Uphill:       90m

Downhill:    90m

M;alaga botanical garden by bike


  • Estadio la Rosaleda

  • Río Guadalmedina

  • Jardín Botánico la Concepción


This tour starts at Urban Bicycles in front of the wheel and takes you to the northernmost point of the city. You will cross Málaga from south to north on a cycle lane that runs along the Guadalmedina river, taking you to the botanical gardens, passing the “La Rosaleda” football stadium. If you are a plant lover looking for some peace and quiet, Málaga’s “La Concepción” botanical gardens are a must! It’s one of the city’s most enchanting places.

One century ago, the palace belonged to an aristocratic family who collected numerous exotic plant species from different countries to grow in their wonderful gardens. Later on, the family gave the palace and its gardens to the citizens of Málaga to turn it into a public park. It is without a doubt one of our favourite spots in Málaga. There is a bicycle parking space inside and you can enjoy wonderful views of the city without having to climb more than 100 metres. Oh and make sure you visit the cafeteria as well, it is definitely worth it!